Why Being A Modern Parent Is As Good As Any Other Parent

Why Being a Modern Parent is As Good As Any Other Parent

Do you there are many benefits of Modern Parent. We often hear the statement, “modern parenting is the best parenting.” I say, how can this be? In my opinion, modern parenting is as good as your average “traditional” parenting!

I know it’s easier to judge and rate parents today than in the past. Our society is more exposed to bad parenting from bad parents now than ever before. Not to mention all the advice we get about parenting and how much better it is if we do it our way, or by ourselves, or through our church.

What Role Does The Modern Parent Plays

These days, when our society gives us terrible role models, parents are expected to act a certain way, so that’s what they do. They want to have that perfect “family” that will make their kids look up to them. They want their children to fit in and be in a family group. What an impossible dream, right?

We see all these parenting books, and articles telling us what a horrible parent we need to be. What do you do when you realize that they are selling you on something that’s not true? How do you become a better parent?

If you’ve got issues you want to tackle with your kids and their parents, try to be a better parent. You could spend a lot of time talking to your child and listening to them, and keep an open mind. Not to mention find other people in your family to talk to that are grown up and can relate to the things your children are dealing with. Give your child one-on-one time every day to talk about what’s going on with them, especially if they are dealing with some trauma.

What Can You Discuss With The Modern Parent

Once they are comfortable talking about it, invite them to join you for coffee or lunch, or to go shopping with you, or to find new friends. You never know when a little one may come up with a problem they are struggling with, like the death of a pet or something similar. Having these types of interactions can help a lot, and eventually you will be able to just leave them alone with that person alone.

Always give your child a choice in every situation that they are dealing with. If it seems safe to them, then just let them take care of it themselves. It’s better to have your child say no to something they don’t want to do, rather than saying yes to something they really don’t want to do.

When it comes to a problem in your home, you may feel like you need to give in, and just make things better for them. For example, if your child starts crying at night, do you think you need to put your child to bed, or read them a story? Yes, you do want to read them a story, but if you want to put your child to bed, or listen to them sleep, be sure they are tired and ready to go to bed.

Know More

Before the end of the day, have your child in bed ready to go to bed. If he has fallen asleep, then you don’t have to read them a story, or if you want to play video games with them, then just give them an hour. That’s all the time you need for you and your child to get to know each other again and get the kids involved in some fun and friendly activities.

At bedtime, don’t simply fall asleep, and give your child what he wants. If you want to play video games, make sure that you can play it without disturbing your child. You can always make the time a little more fun if your child can learn how to keep a secret, or a game. Just make sure you can still sleep well and do some planning in the morning before you start the whole thing all over again.

Of course, there is a difference between being a modern parent and being an old fashioned one. You’re still a good parent regardless of how you were raised, or even what you do. We are all humans, and we all have to learn and grow from time to time.

Bottom Line

So, when you become a modern parent, and you start to realize that it isn’t any different than the traditional parent, that’s OK. Being a modern parent isn’t the hardest job in the world, and it won’t make you any less of a parent than a traditional one.

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