Rash On Your Baby’s Legs

What's That Rash On Your Baby's Legs?

Rash on the baby’s legs is a general phenomenon. However, general aspects might be, It should be at all costs. One can notice redness in the thigh or bum area. These are the rashes one needs to look out for. These are not any sort of dangerous to babies’ health, but still one must prevent a circumstance that leads to the growth of rashes. Here we are going to a brief discussion on the types of rashes one can notice in their baby’s leg. And here we are also going to provide the preventive measure to them. Therefore let’s get started.


What’s That Rash On Your Baby’s Legs?

The medical term for this sort of skin rash is Atomic Dermatitis. We have witnessed that around 20% of the baby develops this kind of rash. This sort of rash is generally seen on the dry skin and cracked. Eczema can be a mess if not treated in time. Lack of filaggrin is the leading cause of eczema. Lack of filaggrin results in a lack of moisture in the skin. This ultimately leads to dryness and cracked skin. A material that enhances this problem is wool, baby soap, baby lotion.

This rash is commonly witnessed infant babies and then develops to babies until one year of age. It appears as a pink or red patch on a cracked or dry skin in the form of scale and woozy. Eczema generally comes with itchiness. If it is not itching, then it is not eczema. The most common area for it comes out is behind the knee area. Moreover, eczema is prone to come out anywhere. The best way to treat this by, make sure to use warm water while bathing down your baby. Use a gentle cleanser to clean the affected area. Pat it dry, avoid rubbing. Use a neutral ph balance lotion to treat the wound.

Heat Rash: A Rash On Baby’s Leg

What’s That Rash On Your Baby’s Legs?

Heat rash, also known by the name Miliaria. Moreover, heat rash is generally seen in baby’s when they have developed sweat glands; the sweat glands tend to get clogged. Heat rash commonly occurs in babies during hot and humid conditions. It can also occur due to the over bundling of clothes.

These heat rashes appear like some clear or pink bumps on the skin. Heat rashes generally come out in an area where the baby’s sweat a lot comparatively. Such places are behind their chubby cute leg folds or on the tops of their legs. Other places are their faces as well as their necks. The mantra to overcome this situation is to keep it light. The onesies should be breathable. Cotton garments are enough to cure this situation. But in a stubborn case, one can rely on topical cortisone and antihistamine.

Yeast Infection: A Rash On Baby’s Leg

The medical term for this situation is candidiasis. It is common in a baby’s up to 15 months of age. It occurs in the warm and moist areas of the baby’s skin. Babies under antibiotics or the babies whose breastfeeding mothers on anti-biotic are very prone o yeast infection. Antibiotics are supposed to kill the good bacteria and keep the yeast growth within the body in check leading to yeast infection.

They appear to be red patches in a populous satellite form. They occur in the thigh region, which is close to the diaper region. The bottom part is the most affected in this situation. Antifungal yeast creams work the best to deal with this type of situation. It should be applied twice a day to fat the treatment process.

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