Top Newborn Baby Products For Every New Parent

Top Newborn Baby Products

There is no joy like the joy of motherhood. That 9 months long journey, and finally being able to cradle your baby in your arms, the divine feeling of creating life, it’s not something anyone can ever explain in words. The overwhelming joy also comes with the thoughts on how to best take care of the newborn. For a new mom it can be quite challenging and confusing, as it’s not always clear as to what to do and what to get. Let’s make your life a little easier.

Newborn Baby Products Every New Mom Must Have

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There are few essential newborn baby products that every baby needs to stay happy and healthy. After all those months, growing up in the safety of the womb, the baby needs time to get acquainted with the environment. And, as the new mother, you need to make sure that the baby is well protected and has everything needed for a healthy and safe life. Here is a list of a few essential items that you must get.

Baby Oil

A hand holding a baby

Baby oil massage is a tradition older than any of us can remember. It has been done for generations, and for all the right reasons. The process of oil massage is crucial since it softens and moisturizes the skin while creating a protective barrier against the harshness of the environment. This also stimulates blood flow and enhances muscle strength while promoting healthy growth. During the early years this will give you baby the necessary strength while acting as a bonding activity.

Baby Wipes

Whether you are changing diapers or simply cleaning the baby’s skin, you must always use something that will not at all be harsh and will be extremely soft on your baby’s skin. The baby wipes are perfect for that purpose. They are filled with a hydrating agent, thereby not making your baby’s skin dry while cleaning, and the soft material is extremely delicate on the baby’s skin. Always select wipes that do not have too strong fragrance.


Babies have three basic jobs – eat, sleep, and poop! Now, if you want your baby to have good rest and grow up healthy, you have got to get good diapers. Believe it or not, your newborn baby can poop as many as over 30 times within a day. And, that’s a lot! If you don’t get a good quality diaper, your baby will keep getting up from sleep and will not have enough rest.

Baby Skincare Products

Your baby’s skin is extremely delicate. And, they need the perfect skincare products. You need to check the following while getting any skincare item for your little one:

dermatologically tested


paediatrician approved

gentle on your baby’s skin

without any fragrance

Always get the skincare items that check all these boxes. There is simply no place for compromise!

Baby Thermometer

Your baby can get ill at any point of time. So, how do you know if it is so? Well, a thermometer is the best way to check. Also, it will come pretty handy when setting the bath. It should be between 37 and 38 degrees Celsius. So, get a baby thermometer.

Swaddle Cloth

When we talk of baby care, we can’t forget swaddling! To keep your baby snug and calm, get a comfortable, soft swaddling cloth that is light on the skin and does not let the baby overheat. You can also get a swaddle wrap that doubles as a towel so that you can use it immediately after your baby’s bath, leaving no chance of her catching a cold. Make sure to take her out of it soon and cover her with a dry swaddle cloth later on!

Comfortable Onesies

We’re sure you want your baby to be comfortable at all times, whether you’re at home or out and about. Invest in good quality onesies made of light and breathable material so your baby can remain cool and happy– however, make sure you don’t buy very expensive ones as your little munchkin will grow out of them in a jiffy!

A High Chair

This will come in handy a little later, but it’s an important buy nonetheless! A high chair can be great for your baby as she grows and learns to hold things using her fingers, which includes the food you will feed her. You can keep the food on the tray table in front of her and feed her with ease. High chairs these days come with several features like adjustable height, reclining options, adjustable footrest, etc., so take your pick! Make sure you check how sturdy it is in order to prevent accidents.

Comfortable Stroller

Taking long walks with your little one out in the fresh air – a stroller can make this experience better! A good stroller has a good quality canopy that covers and protects your baby from the harsh sunlight, has enough space, and provides a safety harness to prevent accidents. Make sure to get a stroller that isn’t made of heat-absorbent material, for it can make the entire stroller warm and cause discomfort to your baby.

So, this was our list of baby essentials that every new mom should know about and have. Having these baby items handy will keep you stress-free, as they will be your faithful companions for a long time as your baby grows!

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