Top Items You Should Include In Your Registry

baby registry must haves

If you already have a baby registry, then by all means make use of it. However, if you’re a novice at this, then follow these guidelines so that you won’t get overwhelmed with your list.

The first category on the list is the “must haves” for having a baby. These are items such as baby bottles, baby carriers, clothes and diapers, baby dishes, burp cloths, diaper pails and bags, crib bedding and sheets and more. If you want to go with a theme for your child’s nursery, then make sure that these top items are present. Otherwise, this category will be useless.


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The second category on the list of baby registry must haves is the “cellaneous”. These can include toys that babies love, bottles, blankets, clothes and socks. You can also opt to include layette or nursery decor in here. Some parents even include play mats and towels. Again, layette or nursery decor will be great additions to any room, not just the baby’s.

In the third section of the list, there are other must haves for having an infant. Items that would be on the top of this list are infant car seats, stroller, baby carriers and more. Infant car seat is very important because babies often injure themselves during a car ride. Strollers are very popular nowadays. Baby carriers, on the other hand, can be used by both parent and child.

Baby Monitors And Bassinets

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For the fourth section of the baby registry must haves, what parents may need are things like baby monitors and bassinets. A baby monitor is great when you’re working outside with your baby. Bassinet, on the other hand, is perfect if you have a sleep-away-tour baby tour. Sleep is almost essential for infants, so a bassinet or a crib with a canopy is best for babies who don’t have their own crib.

In fifth place on the list are swaddling blankets and swaddle blankets. Swaddling blankets are like a wrapping for babies who are being transported in a burping vehicle. Swaddling blankets are the top pick when it comes to swaddling because babies love it. Babies love to be swaddled all the time especially during travel. Swaddle blankets are the second best choice for baby registry must haves.

Baby Care Products

The last thing on the list of baby registry must-haves is baby care products. This is one part that most parents really need to focus on. There are a lot of items that could make this part easier. Like for example, when choosing baby products, make sure to choose those that can prevent gas build up. Babies really need to be fed right!

Lastly, you can choose between electric bottle opener and manual bottle opener for babies. Electric bottle opener is best for bottle feeding while a manual bottle is perfect for feeding by hand. The most common problem with babies when drinking from a bottle is the bottleneck that’s really tight around their throats and neck. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that you buy baby bottles that have neck straps and are really flexible so that there won’t be any problems with bottle feeding.

Baby Bathtubs And Bottle Warmers

Other products to consider when making a registry include baby bathtubs and bottle warmers. Both of these things are very important for helping mothers feed their babies even without a bottle. Baby bathtubs can make baths much easier for them since they are designed to be able to fill a much bigger tub. On the other hand, a bottle warmer is more ideal if you want to make sure that your newborn is warm enough even if you forget to put in a cold water bottle.

Aside from those mentioned, make sure also to include outfits and footwear for newborn babies. Newborns are usually a little bit clumsy when walking. Thus, you need to consider buying some cute shoes that can protect them from slipping around. Infant clothing can also be another part of the baby registry. From baby bodysuits, infant tights, and baby socks to caps and bibs, there are lots of different baby clothing items that are available in many baby supply stores or even through online stores.


Lastly, the list of the top items on the nappy board should also be considered. A nappy board is basically a rubber pad that you place baby diapers on to keep them in place. The best part about using a nappy board is that it helps prevent baby diapers from being messy. These are just some of the top items that you should include in your baby registry.

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