Top best Fidget Toys in Stores

fidget toys in stores

There are so many Fidget Toys in Stores in the market that it is difficult to choose one. Kids usually love them, thanks to their simplicity and multiple uses. These days you can buy cheap electronic fidget toys, which is even better! So here are some of our favorite fidget toys in stores.

Fidget Cube

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This little gadget is quite useful. It has multiple uses, such as a switch (has 6 sides), rolling ball (1 side), glide (2 sides), spin (2 sides) and the last one helps to click using your index finger and thumb. It is made of plastic and can be brought in many colors. Kids love it!

Fidget Spinner

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The fidget spinner has become very popular these days. They are usually made of plastic or metal. The good thing about them is that they are not so expensive, but kids seem to use them for hours without even realizing it! You can get them with LED lights inside, which makes them even more attractive for children’s eyes. Some fidget spinners support Bluetooth, wifi, and other cool things.

Fidget Triangle

It is a regular stress ball sized 2 x 2 inches produced of good quality rubber material. It has 3 different textures on each side: one of them is a bit rough, another one is smooth and the third one is very sticky so kids love to grab it using their hands or their fingers. You can also get this toy in multiple colors.


There are many toys with balls inside them nowadays, but this one seems to be more interesting than the others because it exercises your fingers while you play with it! It’s been made from high-quality plastic, which means that it’s flexible and durable at the same time.

Fidget Mighty Toy

This is a new interesting toy that was just recently launched into the market, but it has already gained some popularity among children! It is made of high-quality ABS material, which makes it very durable. It’s also a promotional gift for adults, so you can give it to your mom, dad, or any other adult person in your life! The cube has 6 sides with multiple uses: clicker (1 side), switch (2 sides), flip switch (1 side), spinning wheel (1 side), and glide pad(2 sides).

Tangle Therapy 2-in-1 Puzzle + Stress Reliever

The first use of this fidget puzzle is solving the maze inside of it – it’s full of twists and turns! Once you solve it, you can start thinking about stress relief because it’s made of soft material which feels very pleasant in your hand. It also comes in a bigger size, but it’s not suitable for kids.

Fidget Dice Cube

This is an interesting toy that challenges your brainpower by forcing you to think through every move you make while playing with it! There are six sides with different functions on them: clicker (2 sides), glide tape(1 side), rolling ball(1 side), spinner(1 side), switch (2 sides) and spin dial(2 sides). You can buy this product at Amazon or directly from the manufacturer if you want to save some money.

Spiky Sensory Ball

This one is perfect for kids that struggle with ADD, ADHD, or simply have a bad mood in the mornings when they have to go to school! It looks like a regular stress ball but has spikes inside it, which makes it very interesting for children because they love to poke things. You can also get this gadget in multiple colors!


As you can see there are many fidget toys that you can buy these days. We have only listed the most popular products, but believe us – they have hundreds of various counterparts! So if your child is struggling with ADD or ADHD, a good way to help him concentrate on things would be giving him a fidget toy so he can use it whenever he feels bored or unfocused during school hours. Also, you should understand that bad behavior of children is nothing more than a signal from them that something isn’t working quite well in their lives and they look for new experiences.

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