The Top 7 Must Have Baby Accessories

new baby checklist

The uncomplicated New Baby Checklist was created after the birth of the first two babies. After a great amount of trial and error, and LOTS of wasted cash on useless baby goods, ve discovered this simple but surprisingly comprehensive list which contains all the essentials to prepare for the arrival of your new baby. With this handy guide, you’ll be able to avoid most common mistakes that new moms make.

An Overview

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Carrying babies in car seats is usually a no-no because one of the main dangers for babies (by far the most common) is being trapped in a moving vehicle. You can actually read up on hundreds of tips for car seats online which will help you make the right decision when picking out a baby carrier. Always use straps that are designed for two people. Safety harnesses and seatbelts are the most important safety tools you can have for your baby’s car seat. Also, it’s not a bad idea to get a stroller instead of a car seat. There are many reasons for this: A stroller is easier to move around, and you won’t have to carry the car seat, making it easier to carry around.

Newborn Clothes

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Getting your newborn a sweater, dress and pajama sets is essential. You don’t want to mess up with newborn pajamas because they aren’t very fashionable yet. Stick to plain patterned fabrics, and don’t go overboard with color. Try to stick with light pastel colors, although you can always jazz things up with more vibrant colors. As long as you get newborn clothes that are comfortable enough, they will be used for several years!


Most new mothers panic over the thought of feeding their babies in a dirty diaper. That’s why you want to get yourself a stack of prefold diapers. This way, when your baby starts eating solid food, you can just dip the pre-fold diaper into the food and let your baby feed on it. If you have twins or more babies, it’s best to get a bigger diaper so you can both feed the same size of food at the same time. Just remember to clean it out well before each feeding.

Tummy Time

Moving your newborn to his or her tummy time should be one of your first new mom tasks. This way, your babies’ necks and chests will be touching and support each other. Babies feel uncomfortable without their mom’s support and can get cranky if they’re not feeling secure.


Your babies will sleep well on a blanket, so stock up on these! Babies love blankets and so do you! You can buy fleece blankets, or perhaps pick up some baby blankets made of 100% cotton. They’ll keep baby warm and cozy while still allowing air to flow through.


One of the most important things your babies enjoy is being swaddled in their baby carrier. Swaddling helps babies to relax and can even help to soothe cranky babies who are not yet comfortable with solid foods. A swaddling blanket can be used as a car seat cover for newborns as well. These blankets are easy to wash, and because babies love to be swaddled, you won’t have any problems cleaning them after your baby has eaten. Plus, there are swaddling techniques to help transition your baby from being swaddled all the way to being draped lovingly around your body.


The infant seat is a must-have during your twins’ first few weeks at home. A good quality infant seat will allow you to easily change their diaper. When babies are young, they cannot control their head, so a seat will keep their head from moving too far to the left or right. This can be a big problem if you don’t know how to get your babies to sleep when they become mobile. An infant seat will also make it much easier for you to soothe your babies every few hours.

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