The Reasons For Kids To Be In Love With Luvabella Newborn Doll Accessories

Luvabella Newborn Doll Accessories

Luvabella is one of the most responsive and interactive baby dolls ever and has conquered the hearts of many babies and kids. It is in the nature of human beings to nurture and play with similar sized dolls and toys and if it becomes responsive and interesting, the excitement doubles. Luvabella is introduced by the company spin master and the doll comes with some amazing movements and realistic actions.

How Does Luvabella Work?

From the movement she wakes up, by activating the battery, she comes into life and is ready to be played by her new mommy or daddy. The best option is for newborns and kids. Kids can play with Luvabella and make her giggle. One can tickle the toes to hear her laugh with delight or cover the eyes to hear her say “peek-a-boo”. Kids can also lay their hands on her chest to hear her soothing heartbeat.

Luvabella Comes With Four Interactive Accessories

A plate of food with a fork and knife

When the doll is hungry kids can place the spoon or the bottle to her mouth and can see her making eating sounds. She will let the kids know when she has enough or if she needs more. Kids can also soothe Luvabella with her pacifier or teach her animal sounds. The best thing is that Luvabella is made of artificial intelligence so that she can learn from kids. If the kids love to feed her, she will tell that often.

Luvabella Sleeps On Command

This is one of the best features of the doll, that she sleeps on command. All you need to do is to put her in a lying position and gently rock her and she will gradually close her eyes and start producing the snoring sound until she falls asleep. Her babble will slowly increase to more than 100 clear words as time goes by. Seriously Luvabella is the dream baby one wishes to have.

Skin Tones of Luvabella

Luvabella is available in three different skin tones and also comes in a boy version. The boy version is called Luvabeau. There is a switch in the back of the doll so that kids can change her according to who is playing with her. All the clothes of the doll are removable so that kids can keep the looks as they want them to be. The doll is really a revolution in the toy industry and has already made many fall in love with her.


Luvabella is one of the most trending toys on the market and comes with exciting and awesome features. Luvabella doll uses artificial intelligence and can learn things from the people who use her. If you have kids who love to play with dolls, then it is the right one for them. Buy one for your kids and make them engaged and happy.

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