The Best Learning Toys for Kids of All Ages

learning toys

What’s the best way to keep your kids entertained? By giving them some fun learning toys of course! Everything from little scientific marvels like the Spangler Science Club and LeapFrog Fridge Phonics, to classic “no batteries required” games like Operation and Chutes and Ladders. Kids love to exercise their minds, and it’s our responsibility as parents and caregivers to help them do so.

So if you want your children to grow up smart, here’s a list of 25 awesome learning toys for kids.

Math Dice

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They say math is the universal language, so why not start teaching it much earlier than you think? Get your kids these cool (and colorful) addition and subtraction math dice and watch them learn how to add up.

Magnetic Tiles

Teach your child basic engineering principles with this Magna-Tiles 2003080 100 Piece Set. These magnets are super strong and easy to stick together. Your little ones will love building castles and towers all day long. This set contains 80 triangles and 20 squares in 4 colors and 2 shapes each.

Spangler Science Club

Give new meaning to the term “science fair” by subscribing for regular deliveries of science goodies right to your doorstep! Each month, the Spangler Science Club sends your child a box filled with 3-4 science experiments and activities.

Geosafari Talking Microscope

Explore the microscopic world right on your kitchen table! A perfect set for inquisitive kids who want to find out more about what’s happening inside their bodies, this microscope is just as kid-friendly as it is educational.

Operation Game

If you have fond memories of playing this classic game back in the day, then now’s probably a good time to introduce it to your own children so they can enjoy it too! This version has over 30 fun tools that will test even the steadiest hand.

A Year of Montessori Nature Tots

A year’s worth of crafts and activities! This book contains 30 ready-to-use projects designed to help your child learn all about nature. Each month has several lessons, so you’ll find activities on everything from birds and bees (and flowers) to leaves and oceans.

Junior Genius Guides

Your little ones will love this children’s history encyclopedia filled with fun facts and mind-boggling puzzles. There are over 400 black and white illustrations that bring the pages to life – everything from ancient civilizations to famous quotes is covered so there’s something for everyone in here.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Never wonder where those pesky letters go again! Teach your kids how to recognize their letters with this Fridge Phonics set. Simply place the magnetic letters on your fridge and watch them learn quickly, one letter at a time.

Mini 3D Solar System

This educational kit contains everything you need to build a 1-meter tall solar system model! Give your child an introduction to astronomy while they have fun putting it together.

Chutes and Ladders Board Game

A great way to help kids learn how to take turns and follow instructions, this classic board game is just as much fun for adults as it is for children! Plus it’s extremely affordable – what’s not to love?


With so many learning toys for kids to choose from, there’s no reason why your children can’t enjoy playing and learning at the same time! We hope you enjoyed this list of awesome learning toys for kids.

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