Rabbit Newborn Care Tips To Note

Rabbit Newborn Care

Is your little, large-eared, furry friend pregnant? Now that you have a hint that your pet rabbit is going to give babies, how do you feel? The first thing that comes to your mind is that it will be a lot of hassle. Rabbit newborn care is never going to be easy, but we will make it easier for you. There are different things that you can do, so that preordering is never an issue. It would help if you prepared for the cage and the feed so that the new babies can feel at home.

Preparing For The Arrival-Rabbit Newborn Care

The mother rabbit should have a healthy diet throughout the pregnancy and ensure high quality. You can check out the level of the feed and the nutrient content of the same. The feeding packet should have 16-18% of the protein, 18-22% of fiber, and 3% fat or even less. There should be a constant supply of clean water so that the mother can stay hydrated throughout the day. Also, try to give her some right dietary supplements to have more protein content, suitable for the babies.

Separation From Male Rabbit

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The male rabbit will not pose any harm to the kids, but it can impregnate the female just after birth. Therefore the mother will not be able to take care of the little ones, so separation is necessary. Even when they are separated, they should stay close in different enclosures so that the male one can take care of the female rabbit. This will also cut down the unnecessary stress for the female, and the birth process will be smooth

Preparing The Nest- Rabbit Newborn Care

The little rabbits will need constant warmth, and that is why you have to keep them in a very soft nest. Keep all the kits warm in a single box. The cardboard box should be a bit larger than the mother so that all of them can stay close together. Pur a handful of grass on the floor to provide perfect bedding. Check that the grass does not have any fertilizer or pesticide. The cage should be in a quiet and dark place so that there is not too much activity around the mother and newborn.

Caring For The Rabbits

The pregnancy of rabbits will last for about 33 days, and you should remove any dead kits. Check all of them one by one to mark any abnormality in them. The New litter will be very delicate so handle them with care. Do not be afraid because the mother already knows about your smell and will not attack you. Make sure that you remove the placenta after birth so that the box is clean.

Contact The Vet If Mother Is Not Nursing

If the mother rabbit does not seem well and is not nursing, then you have to contact the mother on an immediate basis. Even if the litter is more than 8, then also you should contact the doctor for assistance. He or she will tell you what to do next.


There are numerous rabbit newborn care tips for you to note when your furry rabbit will have babies. You will have more playmates when you take care of them and make them grow ideally.

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