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Many parents do not know about the ordinary behavior of a newborn baby. Babies grow at a different pace. However, there is some similar behavior you can notice in them. Moreover, a prematurely born baby will develop slowly as compared to the normal ones. It is always essential to take your baby for the regular checkup. In this article, we describe the newborn behavior of the babies that you must know as a parent.

Pregnancy: Newborn Behavior That Parents Must Know
Pregnancy: Newborn Behavior That Parents Must Know

Sleeping: Newborn Behavior

The newborn babies sleep at a time from 30 minutes to 4 hours. It can sleep for even 20 hours during the day. They have a small stomach. Hence, you need to feed them regularly. The babies have various sleep timings. However, after three months of born, it sleeps at night for 6 to 8 hours.


The crying is normal for a newborn baby. They spend most of the time sleeping or crying. It is their way of describing that they need something. Moreover, they also cry when something is wrong. The most common reasons for crying by newborn babies are:

  •  Tired
  •  Hungry
  •  Too much cold or hot
  •  Sick
  •  Overstimulated
  •  Needs the diaper to get changed
  •  Uncomfortable

Sometimes, the babies cry for no reason. Then, you can make them comfortable by singing, rocking, or any other activity. However, you must consult the doctor if you notice your baby cry unusually.

Pregnancy: Newborn Behavior That Parents Must Know
Pregnancy: Newborn Behavior That Parents Must Know

Reflexes: Newborn Behavior

The newborn will maintain a similar position when they are in the worm. It includes the bent knees, hips, and elbows. Moreover, you can observe that they place their legs and arms near the front body. It will change their position after developing control over their movements. Every newborn baby has some natural reflexes. They are:

The Rooting Reflex: The baby is always ready to suck and moves in the direction of food. You can notice this response after stroking the cheek of the newborn. 

The sucking reflex: The baby will suck when you place any object in its mouth.

The Startle Response: It includes the throwing of legs and arms in and out when baby startle.

The Grasp Reflex: The baby will close fingers tightly when you place something in its hand.


The newborn can experience irregular breathing sometimes. It is normal when it stops breathing for 5 to 6 seconds and then starts again. However, you must consult the doctor immediately if you notice your newborn stop breathing more than 10 seconds. 


Newborn babies can see things. However, their eyes are mostly crossed in the first few weeks. It is because they cannot focus on an object. After two or three months, they gain more control over their eye muscles. Then they can easily focus on things. Moreover, they can follow things with their eyes.


The babies can differentiate between different voices. They can identify their voice after some months of your talk with them often. Any language to a newborn baby is just like different sounds. It is because they are not familiar with any sound. However, they start to recognize voices after some months.

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