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Parenting Guide

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most of the time you have nothing but your baby to entertain yourself. for this not to be a problem, you must know how to handle it. if this sounds even slightly complicated or intimidating, then just try having another baby.

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a tiny little being is being born! they are so small that you can put them in your pocket! this tiny little being will be able to bring you joy, but first, they need clothes and food, and love. the best place to get these things is at a store that specializes in such things! you can either just take your new baby here, or if you’re not up for it yet, you can tell someone else to go do this for you.

ranging from clothing and toys to binkies and burping cloths (which happen to be the most useful item in the shop) to get your baby’s needs taken care of. you can bring up to 10 items at a time, so pick the ones that apply best to what your baby needs right now.

not all the items in the shop are good for your baby. some of them will even hurt your baby! you cannot take these items, but there is a way to find out if an item is harmful or not: ask someone who knows about babies! they will know whether an item is good for your baby or not, and therefore will be

if it gets really cold out, then just put a hat on your baby! it’s that simple! (and if it gets really hot out, then you probably shouldn’t be outside at all.)

your baby will start to grow big and strong. even though you’ll miss the days when your baby was small enough to fit in your pocket, you will also start to experience a new kind of joy: watching them interact with their environment!

you may have a baby who loves to learn or a baby who hates to learn. either way, they will try to absorb as much knowledge as possible from the world around them. they will try to absorb this information by interacting with it. if the item or person they are trying to interact with isn’t right for them, then they will become frustrated! your baby can become so frustrated that they cry! this is a sign that you need to find something else for them to interact with.

any time your baby is not being entertained, they will cry. it is your responsibility to entertain them! unless you have taken the parent class offered by the baby shop owner’s association of America just, then you should buy a toy that interests your baby and find something else to do while they play with it. this could be going on a walk, taking a shower, cooking dinner, or building a house for your baby.

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