Newborn Foal Care- Do It Right!

newborn foal care

Watching a goal taking birth is an exhilarating experience, and it becomes even more exciting when you see that it will be completely under your care. If you have no experience with it whatsoever, you should be able to know about the useful tips and techniques to take care of the same. Did you know that a foal will be able to stand within 30 minutes of taking birth after failing several times? Then it will also try to feed on its mother, and the behavior can be quite random. If you know how to do gentle assistance, then you will know more about the behavior of the horse and the foal

The First 2 Hours

A baby lying on a bed with a teddy bear

Remember that the first two hours are crucial for the newborn individual, and they will start breathing within a few seconds. It should try to rise within at least 10 minutes and stand within the next hour. For the first time, it will be able to feed on its mother within the first 19 minutes and go to sleep within 2 hours. So you have to be very strict about the surveillance system.

Understand Behavior

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It becomes incredibly crucial for you to understand that the behavior is a basic aspect of caring for a newborn. You should be able to detect any abnormalities associated with foaling. For example, you should know that it will be able to suckle with every passing date for a long time. When the foal is about 5 to 7 months of age, most nutrients will come from non-milk sources. 

Care Tips

The first step after the delivery is for you to make sure that it is breathing perfectly. You have to remove the amniotic sac from the phone’s head so that the reading passage becomes ok. Then you should remove yourself from the area and stay there for mere observation purposes. You will need more time so that you can socially bond with the outside environment. In addition to that, you can also tickle its nostril with the help of a straw so that it should have the stimulation of respiratory reflex. If the foal is normal and healthy, then it should be able to breathe perfectly within several seconds. Make sure that the umbilical cord is not cut immediately to receive total blood circulation till it can survive on its own. 

Standing Help

If the foal is not standing during birth, you should be able to hold it for 1 hour. Also, ensure that you have put the iodine solution on the umbilical cord and the stump so that there is no chance of infection. If the foal is normal, it will roll onto the chest within the first hour. If it is not doing so, you should be able to hold them up by the neck and gently push them to stand up on their feet.


Now that you have an idea about the newborn foal care method, you should not look back at all. So what are you waiting for when you can try taking care of them for the first time itself?

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