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Newborn circumcision in an old religious process, mainly Egyptians, follow it. Therefore, it is a process in which the skin present at the head of the penis is removed through surgery. Hence, by removing it, your head of the penis is exposed. Therefore, people get this surgery because it helps to clean your penis. Thus, it is a normal procedure in which parents do their parents. Accordingly, some parents get worried if they get it just after birth though the removal of penis skin is healthy and safe. 

Moreover, according to the stats, around 50% to 55% of Americans get this surgery. Though you can even get this surgery after your child is grown. Thus, for some people, it is a religious process. Therefore, here are some tips and advice you should have before getting this surgery for your newborn baby.

Newborn Circumcision: Everything Parents Need To Know

How To Prepare For Circumcision, And What Happens?

Firstly, you should discuss it with a doctor. Thus, it is a standard surgery, but sometimes, the baby can get some infection. Hence, your doctor will consult you about this surgery. Therefore, he will even explain what steps you should take after the surgery. Thus, the doctor can also tell you more about this process. Therefore, if your baby is premature or has some problem with his penis like bleeding, you should consult a doctor. Consequently, it is better to take someone else’s advice before getting any surgery, especially for your child.

What Happens During The Process?

Circumcision is a common surgery. Thus, when the operation is in the process, your baby will not be sleeping during the surgery. It is better if you will getting this surgery in the hospital, as they have all the essential things. Hence, doctors will tie your baby’s hand and legs with anything, so that there is no movement during the surgery. Firstly, doctors clean the organ with antiseptics, and then they apply anesthetic at the penis. Therefore, your baby does not feel much pain during the surgery. Moreover, some doctors use pain reliever creams, which is more beneficial.

Hence, doctors use three different plastic rings for the surgery. Therefore, after the surgery, doctors will wrap your baby around a blanket. Sometimes they give few painkillers also. Thus, after a few hours, you can take your baby to the home.

Newborn Circumcision: Everything Parents Need To Know

Post Newborn Circumcision Steps You Should Take

  • Firstly, make sure your baby does not put a lot of pressure on his penis. As sometimes, the baby feels irritating and itching on his penis.
  • Secondly, do not panic after watching the penis as the head of the penis is red and sore for a few days. Therefore, if you feel anything wrong, you can consult a doctor. Though, it takes 10-15 days for a baby to heal from this surgery.
  • Thirdly, you can wash the penis with water. Therefore, you should regularly change the bandage on the penis.
  • Make sure you apply some oil or anything on the penis. Thus, the oil prevents the penis from sticking to the diaper.
  • Last but not least, keep your baby’s penis clean. Thus, change your baby’s diaper regularly to prevent any infection.
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