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Tips On Nursing, Soothing And Sleeping Of New Baby

Taking care of a new baby who just entered this world can be overwhelming. It is a challenge to look after newborn babies for first-time mothers as they are unaware of the way babies react and respond to their surroundings. Lack of sleep and stress of being on alert for 24 x 7 is strenuous and demanding. Therefore we have listed a few tips that can assist new baby mothers in enjoying the motherhood with less stress while participating in little joyous moments of baby’s growth.


Naturally, mothers can fulfill all the nutritious requirements of a baby through breastfeeding. But breastfeeding may be a difficult task in the initial days. You may face issues like tough latch-ons and sore nipples, which can be overwhelming. 

  • Seek Help

Stacy Brosnan, who is a lactation consultant, suggests finding out ways for successful nurturing before giving birth. Talking with friends and relatives who have good experience about nursing or referring pediatrician or lactation consultant can also come handy.

  • Use Hospital Resources

Learn everything about nurturing before you leave the hospital. Ask for a lactation consultant or nursing class while you are still under observation. Let nurses watch and guide you for proper breastfeeding every time you are ready.

  • Take Care Of Your Breasts

In case of blocked ducts or engorged breasts use a warm compress. Utilize a warm wet washcloth or a heating pad for warming up your breasts. Flax pillows that are sold with beauty products also work great. If you have sore breasts from nursing, then try a cold pack.

Tips On Nursing, Soothing And Sleeping Of New Baby

Tips On Nursing, Soothing And Sleeping Of New Baby


When your baby is not eating, then most probably he/she is sleeping. Newborns require around 16 hours of sleep per day, but they sleep in slots, which keeps you always on alert. This, in turn, makes you tired and exhausted.

  • Take Shifts

Look after the baby in turns. Let dad take care of the baby for one night and mother on another. Plan out a system like Amy and Richard Reichardt, where Amy stayed up during nights on weekends and slept in mornings, while Richard took up the morning care and slept later.

  • Stick To “Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps” Rule

This is the most sound advice that any mother would get. Take power naps with your baby and stay fresh when baby needs you the most.

  • Trouble Sleeping

If your infant has issues with sleeping peacefully, then rock him or nurse him to sleep. Allow baby to fall asleep where ever it feels at easy like on your chest or a car ride. It’s too early for worrying about bad habits.

Tips On Nursing, Soothing And Sleeping Of New Baby

Tips On Nursing, Soothing And Sleeping Of New Baby


  • Soothing Fussy Newborns

For soothing fussy newborns mimicking the womb is what works best. Shushing, swinging, swaddling, allowing them to suck and letting them sleep on their side can have a calming effect on them.

  • Play Tunes

Soothing music and tunes often help in calming down the baby. According to Kim Rich, a mother of a newborn, “The Baby Einstein” recordings were their savior.

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