Newborn Care Details After Circumcision Procedure

Circumcision Newborn Care

New-borns are more vulnerable than adults and even children. Thus, it is a common concern that arises in the case of circumcision. However, it should be known that circumcision is not a traumatic event. If done properly, along with proper newborn care, these can be done safely.

Circumcision does not involve much problem as it’s only the foreskin that is being removed. At the same time, enough newborn care should be ensured after keeping them hygienic and safe from any infections. Here is what you should know about newborn care.

Circumcision Details

Circumcision is a common medical or religious process that involves removing the skin covering the penis. It is generally carried out in newborn boys within the first 2- 3 days as a surgical procedure with hospitals. In the case of newborns with certain medical conditions, this might be delayed. There are also religious customs that perform the same.

The surgical process is a quick one that involves very little bleeding. Often, there is no need for any stitches. It is also carried out in more older boys, but the procedure could be more complex.

After carrying out circumcision, a bandage might be placed over the wound. It often heals on its own within a span of 10-12 days. It is also required to provide good newborn care at the time to ensure that there is no chance of infection.

Circumcision is performed as a medical procedure, essentially in many countries. There are various religious customs also which support the same. It is due to the number of advantages it possesses.

Circumcision is considered to be medically required. It is also proven to lower certain health risks. Besides, it is even mentioned in the American Academy of Pediatrics to have more benefits than the risks it poses.

These are mainly carried out by obstetricians. However, pediatricians, family practitioners, urologists, neonatologists, and pediatric surgeons can also carry out the process.

Newborn Care After Circumcision

Though circumcision is magically required, it might involve several risks. It is important to provide enough newborn care to overcome these and allow them to enjoy its benefits. The following are some newborn care that can be provided after circumcision.

Cleanliness is one of the most important steps. It is important to clean the area after each diaper change. We can do it with a bar of gentle, unscented soap and warm water. Do not rub the area; allow it to dry on its own.

Also, try to protect and cover the area. This could be fine with a bandage along with petroleum jelly. Take a doctor’s advice on the same.

Keep a regular check on the area. Regularly ensure that the area is healing on its own. Contact your physician in case of any serious symptoms.


Circumcision is a medical procedure that often involves removing the foreskin of the penis in newborns. It is an easy procedure that involves more benefits than risks. However, it is important to provide enough newborn acre to ensure that it heals properly and remains safe from infections. This article briefs the process, its advantages, and tips on newborn care for the same.

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