Newborn Baby Toys With Price

Babies typically start to walk by a very young age, and hence they need some help when they start walking. Since they need to maintain their balance and coordination, parents need to provide them with toys for kids, using which they can quickly learn to walk.

Here are some toys for a newborn baby:

 BabyGo Hiro Rocking Horse Ride On Kids Rocker

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The BabyGo children’s toy rocking horse is brightly colored and has smoothed edges and sides. Children will learn stability and alignment. This Rocking Horse is a famous toy for newborns and is perfect for making imaginative gallops around the house with toddlers. The price of this product on is Rs. 1,249.00.

J S Rattle And Musical Band Baby Concert Toy Set

The rattle and a musical band drum set are excellent toys for newborn kids, boys, and girls interested in music. Rattles are a perfect trigger of stimulation for your baby and create a calming sound to draw their attention. While carrying this rattle, they will enjoy exploring the various color schemes, sounds, and textures. 

They may also use the rattle to attach sounds to movement. The non-toxic baby rattle strengthens your baby’s motor skills and aids in the development of hand-eye communication. With each touch, they will discover a new side to the rattle, making them laugh. The price of this product on is Rs. 339.00.

Mayatra’s Interactive Swing Goose Toy, Battery Operated

Mayatra’s Smart Dancing Goose is one of the best toys for newborns on amazon, driven by batteries. It was created to help toddlers improve their physical movements and motor control while having fun. When babies imitate goose dance, it activates their physical activity and muscle growth. The cheerful, colorful, and funny Goose will do hip-hop dance, swinging his head and tail.

If you catch the Goose by his throat, he will stumble and yell, pick him up and watch him pleading to be put back down. “Oh, my goodness! I cannot breathe, so do not grab me!” This will teach your child to be compassionate and loving— Goose’s volume on the bottom can be adjusted to high or low. The price of this product on is Rs. 1,233.00.

Fisher-Price Original Baby’s First Blocks

Twelve brightly colored blocks are a toy for newborn kids to arrange, stack, and drop. Filling the container with blocks, pouring them out, and beginning over is a perfect way to improve eye-hand control and other fundamental skills. After that, the baby will stack, fit, and sort the five different block shapes using the shape-sorting lid. The bucket holds all 12 blocks and has a carry handle for fast carrying. The price of this product on is Rs. 334.00.


Toys are essential components in the growing years of a newborn’s life. With the help of toys, kids learn to recognize shapes, colors, and they start learning to perform different physical activities that strengthen their bodies and help them grow. So, gift your child the ideal toy from the above list and make their childhood joyful.

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