Newborn Baby Feeding Guide And Schedule

newborn feeding

When a newborn baby comes to your home, the whole environment changes. You can feel positivity and happiness, but you can also feel a sense of responsibility. The things that a newborn baby does all day are eating, sleeping and poop. Therefore, your life as a parent revolves around these three tasks every day till your child gets older. Therefore, as a parent, you should take care of your baby’s nutrition and food intake. Some parents consult a doctor or a dietitian for their baby’s diet. Although you cannot depend on your dietitian for a diet, you must know what your baby needs. Apart from diet, you must follow a routine and schedule for your baby’s meal. It may seem easy to say, but babies do not have specific sleeping and eating time, so it is almost impossible to fix a specific eating time for your kid. Therefore, you need to customize the baby’s eating schedule daily and arrange all the food at specific meals. Now it comes to the type of food, as you know that babies are advised not to eat solid foods till 4 to 6 months. Babies have a small stomach and slow-digesting capability, so you must give them simple and formulated food that babies can easily digest and acquire all the ingredients.

Moreover, the type of liquid food varies according to their age and growth. So you must research before serving anything to your baby. Hence, if you are about to become a parent or have a newborn baby in your house, but you do not know what food you should give to your baby, then nerd out on our newborn baby feeding guide and schedule; get all your answers below. 

Breastfeed Babies; Newborn Baby Feeding

Newborn Baby
  • According to various experts, you must feed your baby every 4 hours in the first few weeks, as the baby only lives on breastfeeding. 
  • The baby should breastfeed 7 to 9 times a day in the first three months to get proper nutrition. 
  • As the baby grows older, the frequency of feeding reduces. Therefore a year old baby should breastfeed four times a day, with solid food in their diet. 

Making A Feeding Schedule

Newborn Baby

First of all, you should know your baby’s hunger appeal. You may observe their body language like pointing towards their breast, chewing their finger, and eating their lips. Along the time, your baby will make some eating and sleeping routine, and you cannot force a newborn baby to form a routine. 

Introducing Solids; Newborn Baby Feeding

You should introduce your kids to solids before four months because their bodies take a specific time to increase digestion. Start with semi-solid food, increase the hardness along the time, do not start with nuts and seeds. 


Apart from eating habits, take care of your baby’s nutrition, and make sure they get enough sleep for better growth.

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