New Baby Innovative Products Ideas

New Baby Product Ideas

As parents, we always seek to give our children the best care. Today, there are thousands of gadgets that allow us to do this and it is difficult to know which ones to choose. For this reason, we set out to select 5 Innovative and fun products that will help you take care of, educate, and enjoy more with your baby. We are sure that you will like them as much as we do. Discover them!

  1. Stroller for fashionistas: Dare to be Sojo and walk with your baby in the chicest style! This amazing stroller was inspired by artist Jason Pollock. Not only is it light and very easy to handle, but it is a 4-in-1 stroller, it includes: stroller, convertible stroller seat, car seat, and car seat that adjusts to the stroller. Also, its structure is light and very easy to handle; and the seat is reversible, so your baby will be able to face you or face forward to discover the world around him. Don’t miss out on this wonder!
A child pushing a stroller
  1. Bathtub with hydromassage system and shower: Pamper your baby! This bathtub features a motorized bubble system, which turns it into a hydromassage bathtub and shower to create an incredible bathing experience. Your baby (under two years old) will be able to rest in the hammock or splash around in this beautiful tub that has a double wall to keep the water warm for longer. Bathing has never been such a safe and relaxing experience. Enjoy this time together!
  1. Interactive toilet trainer: Potty training your baby has never been so easy and fun! With this incredible product, your little one will learn to go to the bathroom and at the same time can see the illustrated storybook that is next to the trainer, and listen to the story of the book through the interactive sound panel. The wonder of the book is that it will tell your baby a phrase that will motivate him in this new stage. In addition, as your little one grows, you can use the trainer seat in a standard-size toilet, and you can also convert it into a stool to use as a step.
A glass shower door with toilet
  1. Video-monitor to take care of your baby: Take care of your baby with a product of the highest quality! This innovative video-monitor system includes a 3.5-inch touch screen that transmits video in color and with LCD resolution, as well as an automatic black and white night vision function. It also has a remote control, camera zoom, and allows you to view the room temperature on the screen. With all these functions you can be sure that your baby is safe and sound, even if you are not with him.

Digital audio system to hear your baby: Don’t miss all the sounds your baby makes! With this new, 100% digital system, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat and all the sounds it makes. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know him better since he is in the womb. We recommend that you use it from the third trimester and that you enjoy listening to it at all times.

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