Muslim Baby Names With Meaning

Muslim Baby Names With Meaning

If you’re looking for Muslim origin baby names. Look no further. We offer to trend Muslim baby names with meaning for you to choose from.

Muslim Baby Names In Alphabetical Order

Muslin baby have the names as per their religion and custom. Here you will find a list of names as per teh alphabet and relatively you can even choose from that.

Names From Letter A

A’idah – Visiting. Returning. Reward.

A’isha – Life. Vivaciousness. Living. Prosperous. Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad.

A’ishah – Life. Vivaciousness. Living. Prosperous. Prophet Muhammad’s youngest bride.

A’waan – Helper. Assister.

A’zam – Greatest. Biggest.

Aa’eedah – Visiting. Returning. Reward.

Aleesha – Life. Vivaciousness. Living. Prosperous. Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad.

Aa’ida – Returnees.

Aabid – Worshipper. Adorer.

Aabida – Worshippers. Adoress.

Aadeel – Just.

Aadil – Just.

Aadila – Just. Honest. Equal.

Muslim Baby Names With Meaning
Muslim Baby Names With Meaning

Aafreeda – Created. Produced.

Aaghaa -Master. Owner.

These are letters with B. It is difficult to find letters with B but these names can be a great help to you.

Names From Letter B

Barbara -Lion. King of Jungle.

Baahir – Dazzling. Brilliant.

Baano -Lady. Princess.

Baaqir. Faqeer – Deeply learned. Genius.

Names From Letter C

Chaand -The moon.

Chiragh -Lamp. Light.

Names From Letter D

Daanaa -Wise. Intelligent.

Daaneesh -Knowledge. Wisdom.

Daanish – Knowledge. Wisdom.

These are letters with different alphabets and we have gathered them from the most wonderful selection.

Names From Letter E

Eesaa – A Prophet’s name.

E’jaaz – Miracle. Astonishment.

Names From Letter F

Faragher – Jasmine flower.

Faa’iq – Surpassing. Excellent.

Names From Letter G

Ghaalib – Conqueror. Victor. Dominant.

Ghaazee – War champion. Hero. Conqueror.

Ghaazi – War champion. Hero. Conqueror.

Names From Letter H

Haadhir – Present. Attending.

Hardy -Guiding to the right.

Names From Letter I

Ibraheem – The Biblical Abraham is a Prophet’s name.

Ibtehaj -Joy. Delight.

Names From Letter J

Jaafar – Rivulet.

Jaalib – Motive. Cause.

Names From Letter K

Kaamil -Complete. Perfect.

Kaashif -Revealing. Discoverer.

Kaazim -Restrainer. Controller of anger.

Names From Letter L

Labeeba -Wise. Intelligent.

Labib – Sensible. Intelligent.

Names From Letter M

Maahir – Skilled.

Maahjabeen – Forehead. Moon.

Maajida -Glorious. Powerful.

Names From Letter N

Naadhira – Blooming. Flourishing.

Naadim – Repentant. Regretful.

Naadiya – Caller. Announcer.

Names with O sound quite different yet stylish. See these names and you will be astonished.

Names From Letter O

Oadira – Powerful. Potent.

Oaisara – Empress. Wife of Caesar.

Oamra – The moon.

Names From Letter P

Parveen – Pleiades. Cluster of stars.

Pasha – Pasha. A Title.

Peer – A rock. Form of Peter.

Names From Letter Q

Qaahir – Conqueror. Victorious.

Qaa’id- Steersman. Leader.

Qaa’im – Upright. Stable.

Qaani’ – Satisfied. Content.

Names From Letter R

Raabia – Fourth.

Raaghib – Desirous. Willing.

Raahat – Rest. Repose.

These names if you see have beautiful meanings that will touch your hear for sure. They will give you a inner touch and a meaning for the lifetime.

Names From Letter S

Saabiq -Antecedent. Preceding.

Saabir – Patient. Enduring.

Saabira -Patient. Enduring.

Saad – Felicity. Good fortune. Good luck.

Saadaat – Master. Gentleman.

Sa’adat – Happiness. Bliss.

Names From Letter T

Taahir – Pure. Chaste. Modest.

Taahira -Pure. Chaste.

Taaj -Crown.

People love names starting with U alphabet but very difficult to find. Take a look at these names.

Names From Letter U

Ubadah -Old Arabic name.

Ubaid -Faithful.

Ubaidah – Servant of God.

Ubay – Old Arabic name.

Ulkifl – Ezekiel (English language equivalent).

If is very difficult to find names with letters like W, Y and Z but you can take a look at these names.

Names From Letter W

Waahib – Liberal. Donor.

Waa’il -Coming back (for shelter).

Waa’iz -Preacher. Advisor.

Names From Letter Y

Yaaqoo’ -Hyacinth. Sapphire.

Yaaseen -Sura in Ou’ran. Name of Prophet Muhammad.

Muslim Baby Names With Meaning
Muslim Baby Names With Meaning

Yaasir -Wealthy. Towards left. Easy.

Yaasmeen – Jasmine flower.

Z alphabet names are very common but we have taken few impeccable names here to help you.

Names From Letter Z

Zaahida -Hermit. Ascetic.

Zaahir – Bright. Shining. Elevated.

Zaa’ir – Visitor. Guest.

Zaakir – Remembering. Grateful.

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