Making Baby Happy In Summer Heat

Making Your Baby Happy In Summer Heat

Before having a child in your life, summers were all about having pool-side fun. But life takes a U-turn just after you are married and a big U-turn after having a baby. As a new mother, you forget about those pool-side fun activities. Now, your greatest and only concern is your baby and his safety during the summer heat. Isn’t it? To ensure your little bundle of joy stays protected and cool during the hot summer days, check the points below:

Making Your Baby Happy In Summer Heat

Understand The Effect Of Summer Heat On Your Infant

Once the temperatures rise above 80 degrees, babies might find it very difficult to cool off. The only thing that you can do is avoid taking your baby out during high-temperature days. Babies are unable to sweat, and since sweating is the body’s way of staying cool, babies are more susceptible to heat strokes than adults. Also, infants have this tendency to get dehydrated at a breakneck pace.

Choose The Perfect Clothes For Protecting Your Baby From Summer Heat

Loose-fitting and lightweight clothes will be perfect for your baby if you are staying indoors during those hot days of summer. Preferably, you should go for garments made of natural fiber such as cotton. Natural fiber absorbs perspiration in a better way than the synthetic fibers.

One rule that will be easier for you to follow is dressing your infant the way you have dressed up. It means if you are feeling OK in a t-shirt and shorts, even your baby will feel the same. However, for the outdoors, dress him in long pants and long-sleeved shirts.

Offer Proper Ventilation

Since babies do not sweat excellently, they can get overheated rather quickly in comparison to adults. Therefore, babies should never be left unattended in parked cars and hot rooms. Overheating of even a few minutes might cause a spike in the baby’s body temperature and can also prove life-threatening in some instances.

It is also essential to avoid overdressing an infant. Overdressing your infant in tight clothes can make him quite hot, and soon, your newborn can start feeling uneasy. One light clothing would be fine for him without the head or the feet covered.

Making Your Baby Happy In Summer Heat

Keep Your Infant Hydrated

Indeed, babies do not sweat the same way as adults, but that does not mean infants do not lose out on fluids on hot summer days. You should take all measures to avoid your baby from getting dehydrated. Look out for symptoms like rapid breathing, restlessness, flushed face, and warm skin. Since babies under six months of age should not drink water, you can replace the lost fluids with extra formula. Make sure your little one drinks a minimum of 50% more water than usual during the summer season.

Outdoor Activities Should Be Timed Wisely

Avoid taking your infant out between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. because this is the time when the sun is quite harmful to the skin. Outdoor sessions should be planned just before or after this period of peak sun.

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