How To Introduce Baby To Words

How to Introduce Baby to Words

Parents who have just given birth, need to be aware of what to expect as they are getting ready to introduce their baby to the world. They will get used to everything but most importantly their babies will learn to talk and read. Once their baby is well on its way to learning how to talk, they can go ahead and start teaching their baby the first words of a baby.

If your baby speaks, you will know at once when your baby is ready to start talking. You will see that your baby’s movements will become more specific as it continues to babble on. Your baby’s mouth might close, ears may perk up or ears may turn back, face may go slack, mouth may open wider or baby might simply shrug its shoulders. The body may move faster or slower than usual to indicate various things and so on.

Watch Your Baby Closely

It is necessary for you to watch your baby closely during these times of quieting and then it is the time to introduce the baby to words. You should be careful to put your baby in the right place. It is important to check whether your baby is moving away from you or towards you as you try to place your baby in its desired spot.

36Pcs Alphanumeric Letter Puzzle For Babies
36Pcs Alphanumeric Letter Puzzle For Babies

Place your baby at the table near the food and place the plate near the chair. Your baby will soon learn to recognize a plate and will be familiar with its contents. This way you are helping your baby to make a connection between food and place.

When your baby speaks in less formal speech, this is the time to say something like “mama”, “Dada”baby”. Give your baby feedback, “How was it? “, “That was good”, “I think that’s a lovely sound you made”.

Language Acquisition Of Baby

Language acquisition happens at different rates for babies of different ages. Some babies learn language quicker than others. It depends on how much they are exposed to language. Read on to find out some tips to help you raise your baby to speak well:

Teach your baby to use the alphabet first: It is wise to begin with the alphabet and then move on to speak. This means that you can teach your baby to talk before using any other words. Many babies could speak if they were exposed to the alphabet first. This is done by teaching them to read.

It is much easier to teach babies to speak if they hear an adult speak. You can do this by watching television shows where they speak in a voice that is similar to yours.

How to Introduce Baby to Words
How to Introduce Baby to Words

Pick up Sentence And Phrases

If you are a man and your mother speaks better English than you do, you can easily pick up their language by watching what they do. This means that you will have to pick up the sentences and phrases they use before you get to the point where you want to say them.

Your baby will be exposed to many words in the environment and that is why you have to select those that are going to make the most difference in your baby’s vocabulary. You can be sure that your baby will learn at least a few words through the repetition of such words as “come”, “eat”, “sleep” and so on.

The best way to speak to your baby is to listen and mimic their actions. Ask your baby questions in a tone that makes it seem that you are asking a question yourself. This will also allow your baby to keep up his self-confidence and develop their motor skills.

Bottom Line

With some time, you can develop the habit of reading to your baby. However, to do this effectively, it is necessary for you to get used to being in the same room with your baby.

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