How To Improve Toddler Behavior?

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The fact very much depends on the behavior and the child. But there are a few things that I had found helpful when I decided to Improve toddler behavior:

1. Be consistent! Don’t allow a practice one day, and declare it unacceptable another day. Also, everyone who cares for that child must be on the same page about the response. Share what works for you at home with the teacher, or vice versa.

2. Be clear about the behavior you expect, and the consequence of incorrect action. “There is no hitting your little brother, or you will lose the iPad for an hour.” Then set a timer and FOLLOW THROUGH. And along those lines.

3. Don’t supply a consequence that you are unable to provide. “I’m going to turn this car around,” is not the best consequence if you have no intention of doing just that.

4. Be very, very positive when the child is doing “the right thing.” If throwing a tantrum at bedtime is the bad behavior, and on Thursday night, Joe got ready for bed without pitching a fit, make a big deal out of it.

5. Choose either positive reinforcement (providing a reward) or negative reinforcement (taking away a privilege), not both.

How To Improve Toddler Behavior? Some Basic Points To Know
How To Improve Toddler Behavior? Some Basic Points To Know

Tips To Improve Toddler Behavior

6. Choose your battles. Constant correction is exhausting for the child. Some things are to ignore, especially if those things are for doing to produce a reaction from you. We have a student whose job is dumping containers of toys on the floor, but he often will wait until an adult is looking at him, search, and then drop it, waiting for a reaction. We’ve decided to ignore the dumping, and go pick up the items, not making a remark or a big deal, and the spill is slowly decreasing.

7. If you use time-outs, it should be no longer than 1 minute/year of age. Consider less time for a developmentally delayed five-year-old, like 2–3 minutes. And don’t verbally belabor the behavior that led to the time-out. Request an apology, and be done with it. The child has paid his debt to society by serving the time-out. Shame and endlessly reviewing the behavior is unnecessary.

How To Improve Toddler Behavior? Some Basic Points To Know
How To Improve Toddler Behavior? Some Basic Points To Know

The Most Important Points To Keep In Mind

8. Sometimes a reward chart can be helpful. a sticker chart or even a smiley-face chart for good behavior. “When you have five smiley faces, you can watch Bubble Guppies.”

9. Yelling loses its effect when used too much. Don’t bother. Try to use a calm voice.

10. If the child’s behavior is making you feel angry, say so, or say, “I don’t like it when you XX.” Please don’t say, “that’s making me sad.” (Had to add that one, it’s a pet peeve of mine)

11. Be honest with yourself about the behavior that YOU have caused. If you told the child to get ready to leave at school, and then made him wait 20 minutes with his coat on while you talk to the teacher, and you expect him to wait all that time quietly, holding your hand or looking at a book when you know he hates books, and the other kids are playing, his acting out is your fault.

Good Luck!!

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