Newborn Perfect Bath -

Newborn Perfect Bath

Babies require special bath tools when taking a bath. A bathroom is naturally a dangerous place for any child to slip and fall in. it is important that you take extra precautions when bathing a newborn. Here are some baby bath tools you need for when you are bathing a newborn. These tools will make the process easier and safer for the child.

Baby Bath Cap Water Scoop Sprinkler

Baby Bath Tools for When You are Bathing a Newborn
Baby Bath Tools for When You are Bathing a Newborn

This tool allows you to create a miniature shower of your own. Most normal showers or faucets have strong currents that might hurt the scalp of a baby. This cup stores water and it has many holes in order to redistribute the water. The current from this cup is significantly more bearable for a child. This is perfect for rinsing a baby so the process becomes gentler and more bearable. The cup is made of durable polypropylene that is fairly easy to clean. You can reuse this for as many times you like.

Baby Bath Mat Air Cushion Bed

Baby Bath Tools for When You are Bathing a Newborn

It is naturally dangerous to bathe an infant in a tub, but the process is easier and safer with an air cushion. The air cushion will make sure that the child stays protected against hard surfaces as you bathe him. The inflatable feature makes this easy to store and it is also very portable. Its surface is guaranteed to be comfortable for the baby. It is made with fabric, 3D mesh cloth, and polystyrene beads inside.

 Baby Bath Sponge Soft Scrubber

Baby Bath Tools for When You are Bathing a Newborn

Exfoliating is an important part of skin care. It allows you to eliminate dead skin cells so that new ones can regenerate in its place. This also helps you get rid of any dirt. The process of exfoliation must be done carefully with babies because they have significantly more sensitive skin than adults. A normal scrub will surely hurt them. Use this soft bath sponge and scrubber that is crafted for a baby’s skin. It gently exfoliates the baby’s skin. This is made of cotton and sponge to cater to normal scrubbing sessions.

Baby Bath Chair Shower Seat

Baby Bath Tools for When You are Bathing a Newborn

This is the perfect tool if you want to keep your baby uptight while you are bathing them. This is definitely not for every infant. It is for those who have developed enough strength and independence to sit up without falling over. You do not have to worry about your child falling over because this chair has an ergonomic design that prevents the baby from falling. The bottom part has a huge suckers to ensure that the chair stays in place. This is durable enough to be used repetitively. You can also interact better with an infant when they are sitting up.

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