How To Care Your Newborn Kitten

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Kitten is called a newborn during the period of birth to the age of four months, and in this phase, they need special care. Here I am listing some points which you should keep in mind when you are going to care for a newborn kitten.

Feeding a Newborn Kitten

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* kittens who are under the age of 4 weeks cannot eat solid food. They completely depend on their mother’s milk to get the nutrients they need. But at the time where their mother is not around, the newborn kitten will depend on you. You can feed kitten milk replacer to your newborn kitten as a nutritional substitute.

* You should warm your kitten formula slightly above room temperature. You should always test the temperature of the milk replacer formula before you feed your kitten.

* keep everything clean always before and after each feeding. You should wash your hand and the bottle that you use to feed your kitten.

* Do not hurry to feed your kitten gently and also handle them with care.

* Let your kitten suck the formula on their own; you only hold the bottle of formula to your kitten’s mouth.

* Newborn kittens need to feed frequently every 3 hours, no matter what time it is.

* After feeding your newborn kittens, they need to be burped the same as babies do.

How You Can Keep Your Newborn kitten Warm

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Newborn kittens should be kept in a carrier wrapped in some layers of towels. You can use a heating pad or heat disc with a soft blanket for keeping your newborn kitten warm. Keeping your kitten carrier in a safe, warm room away from your other pets is very important. You should go and check on your newborn kitten throughout the day. If your newborn kitten feels cold, you need to warm them as soon as possible. It is recommended not to touch newborn kittens till their eyes are open. You can care for them by making sure that they are healthy and gaining weight but try to limit the physical contact. It is important to hold them slowly and lightly, especially at first. In case the mother cat seems anxious, give her and her babies some privacy.

During their first four weeks of life, minimize the number of people who handle your newborn kitten. During this period, they have not built their immune system and can be prone to illness and infections easily. Be sure that you wash your hands before and after you touch them.


Whether you are a primary caretaker of your newborn kittens or you are working in harmony with their cat mom. You should occupy yourself with the essential pieces of information to keep your newborn kittens safe and give them proper care.

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