How to capture family newborn pictures

family newborn pictures

There’s nothing quite like newborn photography and it’s becoming more popular every day as the demand for these types of images keeps growing. Newborn babies can be difficult to work with, especially if they’re just waking up from a deep sleep. It’s very easy to spend hours trying to capture newborn baby images, but have you ever stopped to consider what kind of ideas might work better for your shoot?

Here are some tips on how to catch the eye of clients with newborn portraits that will help you learn how to create amazing family newborn pictures.

1. Proper backdrop for your shoot

A woman wearing a pink dress

The first thing you need to do is choose a proper backdrop for your shoot. White or black backdrops may work well, but if the baby isn’t very active and won’t be moving around too much then you can try using alternative colored backgrounds like green or blue. If the kid is restless, though, stick with white or black backdrops so you can bring out the details in their faces.

2. Lighting for amazing newborn images

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The next thing to do is look at your lighting options. It’s possible that if it’s an overcast day or just about any day with few shadows, then this will be fine. However, the more shadows that are around, the more light you will need to balance that out. Pure window lighting is good for this type of shoot. You can also try a stained glass effect by placing a large white translucent sheet behind your subjects and aiming a bright studio strobe at it.

3. Turn off all camera flashes

If your clients bring their camera flash with them, then you should turn it off. The strobe on most cameras is so bright that the contrast will wash out your images and make them look horrible. If you can’t afford to buy studio lights yet, then at least use some lower-powered LED lamps if you need to provide any additional lighting for your subjects.

4. Positioning for perfect newborn photography

One of the most important things to think about when it comes to newborn babies is positioning. If you take a look at some of the best newborn images, they will all have one thing in common: The baby is looking directly at the camera and there is no shadow on their face. If you want to take pictures in which the baby is lying down, then it’s best to have them face away from the light source.

5. Posing newborns

Babies are always great when they are wrapped up in a blanket. However, they look even better when wrapped up in a sheet. This will give you a bit more flexibility and the fabric will drape perfectly over the child’s body to show off all those adorable curves.

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