Funky Newborn Felt Hair Accessories Ideas

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Felt material is commonly associated with art and crafts, it’s also being used by many people nowadays to make customized hair clips. Since DIY crafts are in trend these days, there’s no better way to make something on your own for your baby and to satisfy your craft hobbies. Here are 2 different easy and quick-to-make felt hair accessories ideas for you:

  1. Cat Face Hair Clip
A baby lying on a bed

Material Needed- paper, scissors, needle, sewing thread, gum, green, black, and white felt fabrics.

To make this one, draw the shape of the cat face on paper and use it as a marker to cut two cat face shapes into the green felt fabric. The size of the cat faces must be small enough to be used as a hair clip. Now the eyes and mouth shape you drew inside the cat’s face on paper, use them as the marker to cut eyes and mouth shapes from white felt fabric. Stick these shapes on the top of one of the cat-shaped fabrics with the help of glue.

Cut a tiny bow-tie shape on black fabric and stick it at the right top corner of the cat-shaped fabric. Make 2 tiny shapes for eyeballs and do the same with these as well. Then, sew all these small pieces that you’ve added on top of the cat face to fix them strongly.

Take a simple plain hair clip, put it in the middle of the other cat-shaped fabric, and mark two points on each side of the fabric around the hair clip where you want the clip to go inside the fabric. Make a hole in the fabric jointing these two points and insert the hair clip into it.

Join the two cat-shaped fabric pieces together and sew them from 3 sides. Insert some cotton inside the cat shape to make your hair clip soft and fluffy and sew it from the 4th side as well. Once you’re done, cut the sewing thread and your felt fabric hair clip is ready.

  1. Flexible Felt Hair Clip WIth Text

Material Needed- paper, scissors, needle, sewing thread, gum, green, and white felt fabrics.

On plain paper, draw shapes of the letters you wish to use on your hair clip, cut these shapes out of the paper. Use them as a marker to cut letters out of the white felt fabric.

Cut 2 rectangular-shaped pieces in green felt fabric. The letters you had cut out earlier out of the white felt fabric, stick them on top of one of the green rectangular-shaped felt. Now sew the letters with a needle so they won’t come out easily. 

Put the hairclip inside the other Green felt fabric piece and then put it behind the other rectangular-shaped piece on which you fixed the letters. sew the two pieces together and cut the extra thread, your flexible felt hair clip is now ready.

Bottom Line

Making felt hair clips is easy and the only special skill it requires is some basic sewing skill and it’s not that much of a big deal to learn for any adult or even teenager. Just get started by thinking of some Ideas for felt hair clips.

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