Essential Tips For Newborn Bunny Care You Must Follow

newborn bunny care

When you see a newborn bunny, there are a lot of questions that come to your mind. First off, people always think that the baby is hungry and try to feed the baby through a milk bottle, which is wrong. Firstly when you see an abandoned nest with babies inside, check if their mom is nearby. If you cannot see her check if the babies are filled, you can see their belly if it is complete or the white patch on their stomach. If you see the color of bunnies getting blue and their skin become wrinkled, then they are hungry, or their mother might have died. Therefore, you should rush the babies to the rabbit vet and not try to feed them on your own until you are an expert.

Most importantly, before holding bunnies, clean and sanitize your hands, as bacterias in your hands can adversely affect the health of babies as their immune system is very weak when they are born. If you find a mother of bunnies fit and fine, make a secure nest and keep the babies over there to feed her child and nourish them. Ensure you clean the nest and some grass or soft towels at the bottom so the nest is warm for babies. Therefore, if you want to adopt a bunny or have found orphan bunnies somewhere but do not know what you need to do, check out our guide on essential tips for newborn bunny care you must follow, and you can welcome a new bunny in your safely and happily. 

Take Care Of Mother; Newborn Bunny Care

Essential Tips

You can observe that the mother will not demand more while she is pregnant =, but you can see a slight change in her hunger. Therefore, you have to keep a routine of eating and make sure she eats nutritious food. Make sure to get all the nutrition and measure her nutrition. According to stats, the mother must get 20% of protein and 25% of her diet to stay healthy and make sure she drinks plenty of clean water. 

Keep Away Male Rabbit; Newborn Bunny Care

Essential Tips

You should keep the male rabbit away from the mother, as rabbits need a companion, and the mother can get pregnant before getting ready for kids. Moreover, keeping male rabbits away will reduce the mother’s stress, but you can meet for some time to enjoy, but not for a longer time. 

Making A Nest; Newborn Bunny Care

The baby bunny does not have fur when they are born, so in wild areas, mothers make a nest with lots of grass for warmth. Therefore, you should place soft towels and grass to keep the nest warm. Keep the cage and nest in a quiet place where her baby can relax and sleep. 

Summing Up 

Baby care is not a small process; you have to take care of babies until they mature in 8-10 weeks. Take guidance from a vet, and if you face any problem, rush the babies or mother to the vet.

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