Bottle-Feeding Newborn : Here Is Everything You Must Know

bottle feeding newborn

It does not matter if you use feeding formula, or you combine it with nursing or make use of bottles to serve up the extracted breast milk; below, you will know about the bottle feeding newborn do’s, and dont’s to just make no mistake. Many babies do not face any trouble in figuring out the method to suck from a baby nipple bottle, especially if you have been using bottles from the beginning of your baby’s birth. It’s convenient to offer milk to your babies in bottles, and also, it makes it easy for your partner to feed the baby. The bottle-feeding newborn technique gives you some time to rest. Any caregiver can prepare a bottle of formula for your newborn kid whenever they need it. 

Know The Right Time To Introduce Bottle: Bottle Feeding Newborn 


If you want to just bottle feed your baby, then make a plan to start doing it right from the beginning. But if you think of breastfeeding, then breastfeed your kid for at least three weeks before you introduce a bottle. Do not wait for so long, as it might reject the unfamiliar bottle in favor of breastmilk consumption. 

Methods Of Bottle Feeding Newborn The Right Way

Prepare The Milk Bottle


If you serve formula, then prepare the milk as per the directions given. To warm the bottle properly, run the bottle under warm water for a few minutes, or you can also put it in the hot water pot or can even make use of a bottle warmer. It does not really matter if you serve your kid the formula or the extracted breast milk; make sure that you do not add baby cereal anyways to the milk bottle. Cereals won’t allow your baby to sleep peacefully as babies can struggle to swallow them or might end up choking. 

Test The Bottle Carefully

Before you initiate feeding, shake the formula-filled bottle well or just swirl the bottle that is filled with breast milk. Test the temperature of the bottle before bottle-feeding the newborn. Add a few drops on the inside part of your wrist, which will allow you to check if it’s hot. 

Take A Comfortable Bottle Feeding Newborn Position

Bottle feeding a newborn will easily take around 20 minutes of your time, so settle in properly and relax. Try supporting your baby’s head using your arm crook, taking her up at an angle of 45 degrees keeping her neck and head aligned. Make sure you take a pillow and keep it by your side to give some rest to your arm so that you do not get tired soon. While bottle-feeding a newborn, you need to keep the bottle at a suitable angle instead of straight and down. This allows the milk to flow slowly as it offers the baby some more control over how much she takes in, which keeps her safe from choking and also reduces the unwanted gastric issue. 

Perform A Nipple Check 

While bottle-feeding a newborn, pay some attention to how your baby seems while she is consuming the milk. If your newborn is creating gulping and sputtering sounds while feeding and the milk tends to come out from the corners of the kid’s mouth, this shows that the flow of the bottle nipple is quite fast. Also, if she seems to look irritated, it shows that she might not be able to suck the milk properly from the bottle because of quite a slow flow. If any of the cases is, try a new nipple. 


The above mentioned are some of the bottle feeding newborn methods that can help you in understanding how to feed a newborn properly if you are just a new parent. The arrival of a baby would have bought a total change in your life, and adjusting to the same with learning parenting tricks might be tough. But, slowly and steadily, you will learn how to take care of your baby efficiently or the bottle feeding newborn methods to feed your baby the right way for his right growth.

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