Best toy brands for babies and toddlers

toy brands

Toys are an integral part of kids’ routines. Children learn while playing with toys. They explore new things and discover amazing facts about the world around them. Toys contribute to children’s physical, mental and social development in significant ways. When you purchase a toy for your child, you must buy the best brand for kids for its quality.

Toy manufacturers or marketers establish a system of rating toys called ‘age grading’ to specify the suitability of a toy for different ages, according to developmental guidelines.

1. Fischer-Price

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Fischer-Price is such an iconic toy brand, I think it’s great to be number one on this list. The Fisher-Price toys are mostly for younger kids but there are a few items that older children can enjoy as well. The reason why I’m listing them here and not in the infant section is that they’re a good way for older kids to learn and have fun. Fischer-Price is an affordable option when it comes to toys, but it’s also of high quality; I’m certain your child will get many years of use out of their toy.

2. VTech

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VTech makes excellent toys that are educational and entertaining at the same time. The VTech toys are suitable for younger kids but some of them, like their digital cameras or sound books, can also be enjoyed by older children. They have a bit of everything when it comes to learning toys. I recommend VTech to any parent that wants their child to grow up in an environment that stimulates learning.

3. LeapFrog

LeapFrog toys are great for teaching children how to spell, learn about numbers and letters while also having fun with the interactive element of their toys (when applicable). For older kids there’s a huge selection of different kinds of game cartridges that can be used with their tablets; those are perfect for road trips or flights since kids can play on their own. LeapFrog makes learning such an exciting and fun experience.

4. My Little Pony

My Little Pony is super popular with young girls but doesn’t let that put you off. The toys may not be as educational as those by VTech, but they’re sure to bring hours and hours of fun for your daughter or niece. I think it’s okay for girls to enjoy toys that aren’t necessarily the most educational ones; My Little Pony has a huge selection of playsets and figures that can keep them busy for hours.

5. Thomas & friends

Thomas the train is a popular choice among both boys and girls, but they have their differences. Girls will enjoy their My Little Pony toys more than anything else, but my little brother loved his Thomas the Train set so I know many other kids will too. They’re excellent if your child loves trains or cars; the tracks and vehicles are of high quality and will keep them entertained for hours.

6. Little Tikes

Little Tikes is another great toy brand for young children; they make everything from tricycles to slides and swings, all sorts of playhouses, and ride-on that kids love. Their products range in price from affordable to a bit more expensive, but everything is of high quality and can be handed down for future siblings.

7. Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins is a great toy brand for younger girls; it’s perfect if they’re into taking care of animals and dolls, but the Doc McStuffins toys also teach them some lessons about friendship and empathy which is wonderful. If your daughter or niece has watched the cartoon then they’ll be extremely excited to get their own Doc Mcstuffins doll so it’s a win-win situation. The Doc McStuffins toys are of great quality and come at affordable prices since they’re aimed at younger children.

8. Disney Princess

The Disney Princess toys are really lovely; your daughter will love them if she’s into fairytales and fancy dresses, but even boys can enjoy the prince and his horse. Make her dreams come true and get her the Disney Princess toy of her dreams; there’s something for every child out there so you’ll find the right one.

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