Best Newborn Baby Toys from 0 to 6 months

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Newborn toys are a great accessory to stimulate their brains, help newborns develop motor skills and to keep them busy while you attend to other chores. As a parent of a newborn, if you are wondering what are the best toys from ages 0 to 6 months, then here is a list of the best newborn toys from 0 to 6 months.

Bouncer Seats and Swings

Baby bouncer swings and seats provide opportunities to babies to learn many different skills. These are versatile accessories that can be changed and enhanced over a period of time as per baby’s interests. These are expensive, but you can use them for many months and also learn essential skills along the way.

Playmats or Play Gyms

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Babies love to watch toys and rattles hanging on play gyms. They even try to reach out to these. Babies also love to see their toy move and follow it carefully where the toys move from side to side. Their eyes move from side to side while they try to focus on the colors and shapes of the toys. Babies move their arms and legs and also try to reach out to get the toys.

Playmats are great for tummy movement too. They put force on their core to move and this helps to strengthen their muscles and their arms. Later, they use this control to crawl or talk. Babies also learn how to place their arms on their belly to be more comfortable.


Rattles are one of the perfect toys for babies as they use their hands, feet and eyes to reach out and discover. They eventually learn how to use their limbs and this helps to develop their motor skills. Over a period of time, they learn to control their actions and perform actions repeatedly. Babies love the sound of rattles. Some rattles also come with blinking lights that attracts them. To know which rattle is your baby’s favorite, try giving your baby different rattles and watch how they reach out to pick their favorite one.

Car Seat Toys

Rattles come with attachments and clips that can easily be put on high chairs, strollers and car seats. This makes it easy for them to play and go anywhere.

Soft Books

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You can even buy soft texture books for you babies to learn to watch, feel and develop vocabulary right from an early age. Soft cloth books or durable board books with fabric pieces are a great newborn baby toy or accessory that they would love to see and learn from.


Get your baby soothing teethers to chew on as they begin to explore their hands, mouth and feet. Teethers are safe to put in the mouth, but you should clean them regularly. 

These are some of the best newborn baby toys from 0 to 6 months that you can consider investing in.

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