Baby Toys – What You Should Buy For Babies Up To 3 Months Old

baby toys newborn to 3 months

Buying the right toys for your newborn can be an important part of raising your baby to a toddler. You can’t rush this process and there are certain toys – some good, some not so good – that is always a safer choice for your baby. Baby toys are one of the first things you and your family members will purchase. This is the bulk of your baby’s time spent sleeping and playing.

Baby toys come in all shapes and sizes. Some are meant to be chewed on, others are made of soft materials that are meant to be held and rocked. Some babies are gentle and will tolerate most toys. Others are playful and will break anything they can get their sharp little hands on. Buying the right toys for your newborn is important because they are likely to become his or her favorite toy.

Before you go shopping, make a list of the toys you want for your baby. Don’t forget to include a couple of “don’t” items such as, baby oil, a diaper, clothing, bottles, rocking chair, and books. When shopping, check the packaging of the toys and see if the toy is designed for newborns. This helps avoid any surprises. There are many toys that are designed for toddlers and newborns, but are not safe for babies under three months old. Toys that are designed for babies should only be placed in the nursery, where a baby cannot put things in his mouth and chew on them.

Clean Any Kind Of Spills As Soon It Happens

A close up of a baby with a teddy bear

Babies can choke on some types of sugary treats. Babies also can choke on the loose strings of some toys. Be sure to check all toys thoroughly for loose parts. If a baby finds something he can swallow, remove it immediately, and throw the toy away. This is especially important when buying bouncy toys – the springs might be too strong and the baby could choke on it.

It is best to separate dirty toys from other toys and make sure all materials are thoroughly cleaned before putting them away. If a spill occurs while a baby is playing, pick up the toy and clean the spill immediately. Cleaning materials can be found in any toy store. Again, put any spills immediately into a cup of water so they do not have time to seep into other materials or onto the floor.

Establish Bedtime Routines As Well

A baby sitting on a bed

It is important to have bedtime routines established as well. Your baby should be introduced to a routine that helps him fall asleep without stimulation, such as going to bed with his blanket, lullaby music, milk, and an attractive picture or image. All toys should be used in the same manner to provide safety.

When your newborn arrives at home, keep him in his crib until he is comfortable sleeping alone in a crib. Do not leave the crib for more than 5 minutes at a time. Introduce him to his crib by holding his hand in his mouth and talking to him softly. He will probably start to roll over onto his back and then sleep sitting up. He will not be able to get comfortable in a standing position without rolling to the side.

Bottom Line

Place a blanket or quilt on the floor near the crib and put toys within easy reach of the crib. Do not place dangerous toys near your baby, as most babies will touch these. Babies love to touch, feel and see new things. By providing toys that help them develop sensory and motor skills, you will help him to develop safely in his crib.

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