Child’s First Word

Child's First Word

When a child is born, and the Baby comes to the world, the first thing that we hear is a jumble of sounds or noise or babble. The papa and mama’s of the world are eager to listen to the different sounds that a baby makes and waits patiently to hear the Baby s First  Word. Usually, the Baby learns to talk in the first three years of life. During this period, the brain of the Baby develops rapidly. The development of Baby’s ability to speak or development of speech will depend on the parents baby talk skills.

The Baby’s First Word In The First Three Months.

Initially, just after birth, the Baby’s First Word or words is generally the cries, screams, grimace to show emotions or convey their feelings. The parent’s needs to understand the expressions of the Baby, whether the Baby is hungry or angry or is the Baby frustrated with something. A good parent learns to interpret their Baby’s different cries. Your Baby’s First Word will vary from individual to individual.

First three months, the Baby observes your face listen to your voice, turns to other voices, sounds, and music. Some baby gets attracted to the female voice, and some get attracted to music. By the end of three months, the Baby began expressing self with sounds, and the process of vocalization starts.

The Baby’s First Word – The Next Six Months

The Baby’s First Word

The next six months, the Baby starts babbling with different sounds like Ma, Ba, or Da. During the later stage of the six months, the Baby starts responding at their name or the native language spoken by Baby’s family. This is the time when they will use their tone of voice to express their happiness or sadness.

The Baby’s First Word – The Next Nine Months

At the end of nine months, the Baby can understand words like “ta ta” or “bye-bye.” During this time, the Baby develops the use of various consonant sounds and also improves various tones of voice.

The Baby’s First Word – Twelve To Eighteen Months

By the end of twelve months, the Baby speaks the words “Mama” or “Dada,” and they are also aware of what they are saying. They will respond or understand small sentences that you speak like “Please put it down” or “say hello.” They will repeat words or sounds that they hear from you. It is observed that during these eighteen months, the Baby often repeats the last word of the sentence said by you and this is the time when they can point at objects, person or name of body parts as told by the parent.

The Baby’s First Word – Two Years Or Twenty-Four months 

The Baby’s First Word
The Baby’s First Word

At this stage, the Baby starts talking in short or small phrases like “Dada Bye Bye” or “Ma Ma Come here.” This is the time when they can distinguish between the objects and names. At the later stage of this period, the vocabulary of the babies develops and more meaning long sentences start to emerge. They also recite small phrases or poems.

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