Accessories For Newborn Photography

Accessories for Newborn Photography

Accessories for newborn photography abound! The internet is full of cool gear designed specifically to enhance the joy of your pictures. Be careful, though. You can easily spend a fortune on such things as props and clothing that are just plain tacky. Thankfully, you can save money by knowing what to buy and how to do it!

Many photographers don’t realize newborn photography because the white balance is important. White balance makes the background look real, even the furthest point of the lens away. Your newborn’s skin tone will be more accurately captured if your props are of good quality and match the skin tone, too.


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One of the most popular props for newborn photography is a backdrop. A backdrop is useful for a couple’s newborn photo session because it keeps the camera’s focus somewhere other than the tiny baby. A backdrop also gives the photographer more room to work, which is nice when you’re doing anything other than taking the photo of your cute bundle of joy. There are plenty of great backdrop options to choose from, so feel free to mix and match.

Backdrop Wrap

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Another favorite of the photographer wanting to capture a newborn’s image is a backdrop wrap. This is a fun accessory for newborn photography that many dads and moms choose to use. Think of this as a giant diaper bag for the infant and a suitcase complete with poles, handles, and straps. The bottom of the newborn’s back is wrapped around the entire “wrap.” Now you have enough room for the essentials!

Reflecting Mirror

Other props for newborn photography include a reflecting mirror (for those moments when your infant is far away from you), a camera stand, or a canopy. Some photographers prefer to have the infant’s pillow reflector placed at the front of the camera to give the image a more personal touch. The reflecting pillow can be placed on a shelf or even in the middle of the camera if preferred. Another popular reflector is made with memory foam, which means it’s not going to be too heavy. Instead of having the pillow at the front of the lens, consider having a whiteboard with a marker on the pillow’s backside to place notes or clues for the parents while taking a photograph.

Using Props

While you may think of these props as nothing more than an unnecessary luxury, you’d be surprised at just how many times these props make their job a little bit easier. Remember, these props are there to help soften the image, not take the focus away. Some common newborn photography props include baby bottles, washcloths, bottles, rattles, pacifiers, and mobiles (if applicable). These are items that can be used without fear of harming the child.

One of the biggest mistakes photographers make when taking newborn photographs is not using prepared props, such as blankets or stuffed animals, to help soften the shot. Using one of these props, you can ensure the baby is always in focus by not making the child take center stage. One of the main things to remember when preparing props is that they should be safe to use. For example, if you will wrap a blanket around the child, ensure that it is soft and comfortable and should not be too tight, or have any loose parts that could cause harm.

Final Words

While you can purchase props individually, there are many advantages to buying them as part of a package. A great advantage is that you will know exactly what pieces you need for each task without going hunting for the items. Another benefit is the price. Most of these props are relatively inexpensive and can easily be purchased for under $30. This makes buying props for newborn photography affordable. When taking newborn photos, you mustn’t spend too much money, because you want to be sure that your photographs are of the highest quality possible.

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