A Guide to Toddler Boy Toys

toys r us toddler boy toys

We are all familiar with educational toys like dolls and blocks but there are also many toys which can help stimulate a toddler boy’s mind and help him learn things. Toys are a great way for little kids to learn as they play, learn at their own pace and develop skills which will later be used in school. Here are a few toys r us, which can help your son learn some skills.

Popular Toys

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Sing A Ma Jigs is one of the toddler boy toys which is perfect for imaginative play. Your little child will enjoy his new toys, whether he plays with them alone or with other children. These toys come in a variety of shapes and colours and can be played with by the entire family. They are built to last so you know that they will not fall apart soon after your child has started playing with it.

We can’t go enough with Fisher-Price’s Believe It Or Not series of toddler boy toys. This series has been around for a while and provides your boy with hours of entertainment. With this line of toys r us, your little one can learn about all kinds of objects just by playing with the toys. There are different toys available for younger children like trains and vehicles but there are also some that are designed to teach him more. Older boys will enjoy playing with toys like the dinosaur toy that really intrigues young ones.

Doll Toys

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A toddler toy that can really get your attention is the My Little Pony doll. Your little one can have hours of fun with this amazing toy. This is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of fantasy. Your little one will learn about friendship and compassion as they interact with their friend. The Friendship Express is another good choice, although it does have a bit of a learning curve. But once your little one has mastered the Friendship Express, then it is perfect for a daily activity.

Talking about toys that have a learning aspect, we have to mention the Leapster Explorer. Your little one will be able to learn a lot from using this gadget. If you want to have some fun on a rainy day, this would be a great choice of toys to play with. It can also be used outside so your little one can learn how to use the outdoors and its features.

Other Gadgets

While your toddler is still very young, Fisher Price has some toys available called the FunFlughtlab. This gadget allows your little one to grow at his own pace by testing his skill with various interactive toys that have sensors in them. There are different levels in this set which will allow your toddler to grow and learn at his own pace.

As your little one gets older, you will be able to choose from toys from the line. Here, your toddler will learn counting, shape recognition as well as the alphabet. Your little one learns while having fun with these toys, making it an enjoyable experience. Also, you can choose from a wide range of puzzles, building blocks, and other toddler boy toys that help develop problem solving skills as well as creative thinking. The benefit of using these educational toys is that your child learns new things while having fun.


Toddlers, especially those who are two years old and below, need stimulation in order to learn. Toys like Leapster Explorer and Fisher Price realize this, making it easy for parents to choose the right toys for their little one. By providing fun activities and games with educational toys, parents are sure to make their little one learns fast and makes learning more fun and interesting.

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