4 Popular Newborn Baby Games

Newborn Baby Care Tips

Playing with your little bundle of joy will bring you closer to him and also help your infant in learning more about the world. Newborn baby games are quite simple- making faces, trying to talk, smiling, blowing raspberries, and singing rhymes. As a new parent, one thing that you should always have in mind is that you are the right plaything for your baby, and playing together is always easy. The session should not be about toys and games but interactions. This will make it enjoyable. Help your newborn in having fun, learning about the world, and bonding with you by playing the development games mentioned below:

4 Popular Newborn Baby Games That You Should Try

Peek A Boo

An appropriate game to play with your infant is peek-a-boo. It is not only a great game but also an easy one. The only thing to do is hide your face behind your hands. Then move the hands away while saying Peek-a-Boo. Babies generally do not realize that you are still there when the face is covered until they are about 9 months of age. Your disappearing and reappearing act will fascinate your baby. It will also help him in becoming more confident when he realizes that you will come back after being away for some time. Once your baby understands the game, he will try reaching your covered face with his hands. This is a growth-boosting game that can make tasks like getting dressed and changing diapers more fun.

Splish Splash

As is evident from the name, it is a water game. It has a relaxing and joyful effect on your newborn. A positive thing about this game is that you can play it any time of the day. Get your baby right in the bathtub and use your hands, funnels, and sponges for splashing water on different parts of his body. Your newborn will love this game, but only if he or she is attended very well. Never leave your child unattended or unsupported. Even if your baby has started sitting on his own, make sure that you are there for your baby in case he requires any help while playing splish-splash.

Shake, Roll, And Rattle

Your little crawler will simply love this game. You need to fill empty bottles with some exciting things like buttons, rice, water mixed in liquid soap, Jell-O, oil, or food coloring. Ensure that the lids have been secured tightly using packing tape. It is also essential for you to ensure that your baby cannot chew through the bottle. As they grow, they will love chasing the pop bottle filled with colored things.

4 Popular Newborn Baby Games That You Should Try

Dance Around

All newborns require a lot of cuddling for helping them feel safe while building emotional attachments at the same time. Dancing around your newborn will foster great bonding. Your little one will respond while you respond to his requirements. Try doing a silly, gentle jig if you find your infant in a playful mood. This will get him laughing out loud. On the other hand, if you find your little one tired, go for a very slow dance.

Outdoor adventures and outdoor games are also considered great newborn baby games that can be tried out.

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